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No Sadness: Week of Return

As I sit here in my big comfortable computer chair, I ponder on numerous subjects. I am thinking about the trip, my family, and my future. I am having one of those moments of solitude. Tomorrow will be exactly a week since we departed from New York. I sincerely miss not only the city, but as Courtney referred to us, my family.


It is quite difficult yet obvious how to conclude the trip. It is almost as if I do not want to because I feel like once I publish this, I am officially home. It is one thing to simply be in the area, but it is another to accept the fact that we are no longer together in New York, waiting for another adventure.


I never want to forget the experiences and family who made this journey so unique and fulfilling. You do not realize how big of an impact everyone makes until a few days later when you remember each and every personality and memory. I am extremely excited to have documented this so far through a blog because our minds simply do no justice to written words.

As depressing and sad as I would have liked to be, it seems as though I let those emotions out in the last few blog posts. I want to focus on the good times and never forget the excitable experiences each of us have had. I am exceptionally fortunate to have met the individuals I met during the journey. I loved the get togethers and simple family bonds. One of the greatest moments was walking into Jenna, Marina, Keeyoung, and Lindsay’s room and dragging them out and down to mine. Brittany and Cami were already in there. I had 4 take out boxes of food saved from the dining hall because I did not use all of my meals. We had a miniature party and we ate tons of delicious cookies.


As I pondered on these small but meaningful memories, I can’t help but thank Courtney and Rylan for serving as such amazing professors. I really cannot thank them enough for the tremendous experience I undertook. So, to close on a high note, I will forever LOVE New York and my New York family!

Much Love,
Nathan Wingate

P.S. I am a lucky man, if you know what I mean. I was fortunate enough to meet some exceptionally beautiful people. This first week back is a new beginning for a hopeful and bright future 🙂


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13th St. Repertory Theatre


Last night I walked over to this little theatre across the street from our dorms. Outside there was a sign that read “Seeking New Company Members. Come inside or call Edith.”
Today I went back and asked for Edith. She is in her late nineties now, and bought the theatre space over 40 years ago. We sat and talked for almost an hour a out her theatre career, her daughters, my interest in theatre…and the company. “After I interview people they can come to auditions on Tuesdays. You’re welcome to come this next Tuesday.”
While we were talking a man walked in and started pitching her a plan to rent the space…he was as fake as they come, just trying to rub elbows. “I’m a very important person,” she repeated after the man, who showered her with awkward unwanted compliments.
From the outside the space looks run down, dirty. Once you walk in it looks and smells like an old woman’s living room. But one of the walls is plastered with awards…the third from the left is a lifetime achievement award for Edith signed by Mr. and Mrs. Obama.
She walkered me back to the theatre space, a cozy black box that seats only 56. A man stood on a ladder fixing lights. I wanted to ask to help him, but thought that might not go over well for first impressions. (The same man watched me across the street before we left for the ballet. He smoked a cigarette with another older woman.)
So I will audition Tuesday, and maybe a snowball has a chance in hell…if it prays hard enough or finds the right monologue.

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