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No Sadness: Week of Return

As I sit here in my big comfortable computer chair, I ponder on numerous subjects. I am thinking about the trip, my family, and my future. I am having one of those moments of solitude. Tomorrow will be exactly a week since we departed from New York. I sincerely miss not only the city, but as Courtney referred to us, my family.


It is quite difficult yet obvious how to conclude the trip. It is almost as if I do not want to because I feel like once I publish this, I am officially home. It is one thing to simply be in the area, but it is another to accept the fact that we are no longer together in New York, waiting for another adventure.


I never want to forget the experiences and family who made this journey so unique and fulfilling. You do not realize how big of an impact everyone makes until a few days later when you remember each and every personality and memory. I am extremely excited to have documented this so far through a blog because our minds simply do no justice to written words.

As depressing and sad as I would have liked to be, it seems as though I let those emotions out in the last few blog posts. I want to focus on the good times and never forget the excitable experiences each of us have had. I am exceptionally fortunate to have met the individuals I met during the journey. I loved the get togethers and simple family bonds. One of the greatest moments was walking into Jenna, Marina, Keeyoung, and Lindsay’s room and dragging them out and down to mine. Brittany and Cami were already in there. I had 4 take out boxes of food saved from the dining hall because I did not use all of my meals. We had a miniature party and we ate tons of delicious cookies.


As I pondered on these small but meaningful memories, I can’t help but thank Courtney and Rylan for serving as such amazing professors. I really cannot thank them enough for the tremendous experience I undertook. So, to close on a high note, I will forever LOVE New York and my New York family!

Much Love,
Nathan Wingate

P.S. I am a lucky man, if you know what I mean. I was fortunate enough to meet some exceptionally beautiful people. This first week back is a new beginning for a hopeful and bright future 🙂


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The Last Night

So there once was a man. He loved New York. He was leaving, and still had not seen each and every place he wanted. In fact, he did not even see half of what he wanted. There were so many places to go. There were so many places to visit. There will never be enough time.

He was there for an education, an education in which he loved very much. He loved his classmates and loved the environment of his classes. He stepped off of the plane with high expectation and will soon be leaving with those same expectation exceeded.


He met so many amazing individuals and developed numerous relationships in which he wishes to continue.

On his last and final day, he simply did not complete his bucket list. New York City is just too big. The hustle and bustle of the city engulfed his personality and created a bond never to be broken.

Sometimes, you never seem to be able to follow your dreams. Sometimes your dreams are just out of reach. Sometimes, they are ripped out of your hands and thrown into a dumpster. And sometimes, you leave and watch them out the back of a packed van and wonder if you will ever see them again.

Just kidding.

On a serious note, New York is on point. We wanted to make it to one more “must go” place and chose grand central terminal because it was raining. When we got off the train, I heard this seriously intense amazing awesome on point beat. I was like, lame. I felt this way because I assumed this was an electronic beat with no effort involved. Instead, to my surprise, I walked up the stairs to see a dude beat boxing. I filmed an exclusive video. See below.

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Lol for Avenue Q

Avenue Q

New World Stages, Stage 3

340 West 50th Street, NYC

Wednesday, June 4, 2014 8:00 PM



Back in Georgia, I examined the calendar and glanced over Avenue Q on June 4, 2014. I did not have a clue what it could be, where it was, or why we were going there. I figured our professors had things under control and chose interesting and engaging activities for us to participate in. My failure to conduct a brief research on our adventures allows me to be surprised each and every day. I enjoy sudden changes in the schedule and the novelty of a fresh journey.

We began our day at the American Museum of Natural History which I loved because it was the same museum used in the “Night at the Museum” movie series. I was able to recognize numerous scenes and exhibits in relation to the movie. I saw Rapa Nui (Easter Island) Moai Cast in the Margeret Mead Hall of Pacific Peoples exhibit. I also saw the Capuchin monkey in the Hall of Primates. My favorite was the Tyrannosaurus Rex in the hall of Saurischian Dinosaurs.

During this adventure, we discussed our future plans for the evening. When the name “Avenue Q” came up, I remembered seeing the name on our calendar but could not recall what it was. Alonda conducted a quick look-up and discovered a YouTube clip of the musical. They were singing “everybody is a little bit racist”. WHAT TYPE OF SHOW WERE WE GOING TO TONIGHT? I failed to ask this question and ventured once again into the unknown. I was exceedingly unprepared for the results.

I walked into the room of my first Broadway show, closely examining the stage and already expecting a terrible performance. I found out about the puppets and once again shook my head in disbelief, wondering why our professors would put us through this agony. The night before (Joe’s Pub) made me a bit skeptical. The show started and to my surprise, within the first few minutes I was falling out of my chair with laughter. I will not go into intricate detail, but these people were HILARIOUS. The show unquestionably exceeded my expectations.

Much Love,

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The Good Life

You have NO idea how exited I am to be connected to New York Universities Wi-Fi right now. I opened my laptop to a frozen screen. I repeatedly clicked the red X in hope of my computer working again. Suddenly everything closed and I looked to see my computer connected to the Wi-Fi. I have never been so happy. (For some reason I am writing this in a Russian accent. Thanks Cami).

I cannot believe I am here in New York City right now. I am sitting here in the New York University dorms on my laptop and have already experienced more in 7 days than possibly New Yorkers. I guess we are New York University students. We have an ID? Haha. At the same time, we cease to have access to their wonderful computer labs. May 26 was exceptionally full of activities and I had already felt as if I was in New York City for several days. One of the things which amazes me the most is my vision of New York compared to the actuality of what this bustling city really is. Although some of what I envisioned the big apple to be is accurate, my imagination left out quite a lot of important and intricate detail.

It is nice to have your own room. Although I am a social person, I enjoy peace and quiet occasionally. Jeremy and I are lucky to have been placed in rooms so comfortable. We both have two closets, beds, dressers, desks, and chairs. I tried to make my living area seem homie. I guess it meant spreading out my clothes, photography equipment, and souvenirs all around the room.

Hmm. Some of my favorite experiences so far include:
– The class atmosphere
– Empire State Building
– The Met
– The Moma
– Italian Food
– Central Park
– Boat Rides

Many of my classmates and newfound friends have already bonded and together shared numerous exciting experiences.

Brittany, Jeremy, and I developed a group who traveled flawlessly though Central Park. We enjoyed a pleasant afternoon of learning photography together both technically and creatively.

Alonda and I have shared several selfies, bonding in the parking lot before departing for our flight in Atlanta.

Jenna is now James, an inside joke between a few of us. JAMES (high pitchy voice). She also has cool earrings.

Keeyong and I have the same camera. Yes. That immediately makes us besties forever. PLUS, we went to see some fabulous jazz together at the Blue Note. Excuse the lady.

Lindsay also accompanied Keeyong, Jeremy, and I in the Blue Note. She experienced a sound no man or woman deserves to hear twice. We both have an exclusive back condition. Cami does too.

Cami and I enjoy many humorous moments. OooO! YooHoo. I’m coming tru, YooHoo.

I enjoyed making probably a hundred photographs of Marina enjoying her moment in the spotlight with a snake.

Christina needs to get her head in the game before we go a WHOLE NUTHA WEEK without some memories. She has a cool and unique style though.

I would love some feedback on my photographs Rylan. You’re killing me. It means a lot when you like my photo on the Book Face. DANG IT. You have got me calling it that now.

Courtney is just too cool. Like, we need to hang out some more! Goodwill? Thrift store? This week? Yea?

Anyways, until next time.

Much Love,

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