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No Sadness: Week of Return

As I sit here in my big comfortable computer chair, I ponder on numerous subjects. I am thinking about the trip, my family, and my future. I am having one of those moments of solitude. Tomorrow will be exactly a week since we departed from New York. I sincerely miss not only the city, but as Courtney referred to us, my family.


It is quite difficult yet obvious how to conclude the trip. It is almost as if I do not want to because I feel like once I publish this, I am officially home. It is one thing to simply be in the area, but it is another to accept the fact that we are no longer together in New York, waiting for another adventure.


I never want to forget the experiences and family who made this journey so unique and fulfilling. You do not realize how big of an impact everyone makes until a few days later when you remember each and every personality and memory. I am extremely excited to have documented this so far through a blog because our minds simply do no justice to written words.

As depressing and sad as I would have liked to be, it seems as though I let those emotions out in the last few blog posts. I want to focus on the good times and never forget the excitable experiences each of us have had. I am exceptionally fortunate to have met the individuals I met during the journey. I loved the get togethers and simple family bonds. One of the greatest moments was walking into Jenna, Marina, Keeyoung, and Lindsay’s room and dragging them out and down to mine. Brittany and Cami were already in there. I had 4 take out boxes of food saved from the dining hall because I did not use all of my meals. We had a miniature party and we ate tons of delicious cookies.


As I pondered on these small but meaningful memories, I can’t help but thank Courtney and Rylan for serving as such amazing professors. I really cannot thank them enough for the tremendous experience I undertook. So, to close on a high note, I will forever LOVE New York and my New York family!

Much Love,
Nathan Wingate

P.S. I am a lucky man, if you know what I mean. I was fortunate enough to meet some exceptionally beautiful people. This first week back is a new beginning for a hopeful and bright future 🙂


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It is day two of our return from the big apple. I still cannot believe how quickly time flew by.

I have been thinking about my first day. I have even thought about my first blog post, my first written record of my city adventure. I remember how I struggled with New York Universities wifi, annoyed by the fact that not only I could complete my work, but I could not post images on Facebook. I finally connected and became tremendously excited. However, even though I have written several posts over the last three weeks, I failed to mention something that has developed in my mind since the beginning.

I began the trip with everyone believing I was an English major because I was taking both the ITDS class (which my fellow peers thought was English) and the photography class. All of the students who joined me on the trip assumed my major to be English. They soon found out I am an Exercise Science major and an Art minor.

Throughout the journey I began to think about my “why” for Exercise Science as a major. I compiled a list of reasons in my head.

• I want to become a Physical Therapist.
• Physical Therapy is a stable career choice.
• There is a high calling for individuals in the medical field.
• I enjoy helping and serving others while making their day.
• Stable income.

I believe these reasons are genuine and honest. I remember breaking my ankle in 10th grade. I was at a friend’s birthday party and landed wrong after trying to catch a football. I went through surgery and months later began my venture into physical therapy. After my first visit I could not wait to go back. The people there were amazing and I could see the progress in my ankle after every visit. I went from a weird feeling of never being able to play sports or participate in active activities again, to running cross country and playing soccer the next semester.

My inspiration grew and I dove into this new found career headfirst.

I had second thoughts about my major when I found decided on an Art minor. I became (and still am) more excited about my art and photography classes than any other class.

Throughout the trip I have really thought about whether to change my major to art or not. I love being creative and photography is my greatest passion. I believe what is holding me back is the risk of taking the leap into something unknown. However, sometimes, it is the leap of faith that provides the greatest success.

Much Love,

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The Last Night

So there once was a man. He loved New York. He was leaving, and still had not seen each and every place he wanted. In fact, he did not even see half of what he wanted. There were so many places to go. There were so many places to visit. There will never be enough time.

He was there for an education, an education in which he loved very much. He loved his classmates and loved the environment of his classes. He stepped off of the plane with high expectation and will soon be leaving with those same expectation exceeded.


He met so many amazing individuals and developed numerous relationships in which he wishes to continue.

On his last and final day, he simply did not complete his bucket list. New York City is just too big. The hustle and bustle of the city engulfed his personality and created a bond never to be broken.

Sometimes, you never seem to be able to follow your dreams. Sometimes your dreams are just out of reach. Sometimes, they are ripped out of your hands and thrown into a dumpster. And sometimes, you leave and watch them out the back of a packed van and wonder if you will ever see them again.

Just kidding.

On a serious note, New York is on point. We wanted to make it to one more “must go” place and chose grand central terminal because it was raining. When we got off the train, I heard this seriously intense amazing awesome on point beat. I was like, lame. I felt this way because I assumed this was an electronic beat with no effort involved. Instead, to my surprise, I walked up the stairs to see a dude beat boxing. I filmed an exclusive video. See below.

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Free in NYC

I have a free day to do basically whatever I choose. For some reason I am simply choosing to relax in my room and listen to music while getting some work done. I was going to go hang out and explore New York some more. However, I find myself wanting to just chill. I have this weird urge to go to the top of the rock and record lip-sync video.

While contemplating my options, I started to clean my room. It was decently dirty. I was attempting to create a homier atmosphere and I feel as if I did a decent job. I guess it got out of hand. I almost subconsciously began packing because I cannot stop thinking about the fact that we are leaving in three days. Three days. We only have two more days of adventure.

*As you read and examine the following words and images, be sure to press the play button underneath this sentence.

I am listening to the classical for studying radio on Pandora Internet Radio and they are playing songs such as “Breathe” by Greg Maroney and “Schindler’s List, Film Score” by John Williams. I am writing this blog post in the strange depressing ambiance that I am weirdly enjoying. I think it is humorous. I wanted to accompany this post with images and audio in attempt to convey my homey atmosphere and interesting ambiance to you.


Already, I preview each photo, remembering each and every photo as a memory I will forever treasure. Some of the objects in each image represent a new adventure I participated in during the trip. I bought the New York hat from a street vendor, along with some Ray Ban Clubmaster look-a-likes. Those stuffed super heroes were bravely earned through much hard ache and pain. AN addicting game at Luna Park on Coney Island sucked us in and we played until we ran out of points.


Even if there are images in which embody some of my personal belongings I brought, I remember each and every reason why I used them. Above is a New York University shirt I purchased from their bookstore.


I brought this notebook from home and only used it during the first day of English class in Washington Square Park.


Here are my newly folded clothes after cleaning my dorm room. This particular moment brought sadness because I was basically cleaning to prepare myself for the move-out on Saturday. Less work for me to do then.


My laptop is placed on my temporary workstation next to my phone and self-made MP3 player. I just personalized a screensaver to showcase recent images from the trip so far.


This is my place of rest at night. It embodies both a part of New York and Georgia by combining my own comforter with a pillow purchased from a Kmart here in New York.


This image holds much history. The SD camera cards embrace thousands of defining moments in my New York City experience. The bow tie is an artifact resembling my once in a lifetime ballet experience. My sunglasses case in the background remains the only evidence of my lost shades.


Both my old and new metro cards. I only forgot it twice, both times took place yesterday in fact. It is amazing that I have not lost that stupid little dorm key yet.


Those wonderful Starbucks mints are amazing. I bought them for a specific purpose.


This last image is not last for any particular reason. However, I find it humorous that the trashcan happened to end the post. Perhaps I will talk about the trash can another day.

Much Love,


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Slow Down the Time


No! I cannot believe this is our last week in New York City! I am devastated. This place is truly amazing. I look upon the last two weeks wondering how time flew by so fast, wishing time would slow down for this last week. We leave Saturday, June 14. I guess we have quite a few more days. I still need to visit so many places. We have participated in a HUGE variety of activities including:

– Bus Tours
– Boat Tours
– Class in the park
– Tenement Museum
– Empire State building during the day and night
– The Metropolitan Museum of Art
– The Guggenheim
– The Museum of Modern Art
– The Blue Note
– Tour of Brooklyn
– Numerous amazing art galleries
– The Highline


– Statue of Liberty
– Ellis Island
– Photographer Documentary (film)
– The Cloisters
– American Museum of Natural History
– Off Broadway musical, Avenue Q
– The Frick
– Coney Island Beach
– Coney Island Luna Park
– Central Park
– Little Italy
– Chinatown
– Harlem Tour
– Late night Harlem Shakes
– ?uestlove
– International Center of Photography
– New York Public Library
– And tonight, a Ballet (Cinderella)

All of these experiences have been unforgettable. They have been truly remarkable adventures I have had the pleasure to share with all of my newfound friends.

I left the computer a bit and after a brief moment I suddenly discovered a possible motive behind my reasoning for loving this place so much. I think with any vacation, you get the best possible experience (generally) and always consider a possible move. Once you realize the reality, you begin to understand that once you get to your dream location of living, it is not always fun and games. At home, we all have responsibilities whether it is work, school, or both. Sometimes it is difficult to notice when you are consistently participating in excitable activities and embarking on one adventure after the next. If an individual such as me were to move here, I would notice a shift in my love for the city. As we discussed today in class, individuals strolling down New York City’s streets usually tend to gaze straight ahead, ignoring my genuine smile. I would be working hard to ensure a place of living. I would not necessarily have time for the exhilarating voyages we have all experienced so far.

I am especially excited because we still have a few more days to expand our horizons. I am desperately attempting not to think about the flight home. I want to enjoy and savor our last few moments here in the Big Apple. I cannot wait to write about the next three days as I know something extraordinary will be experienced.

Much Love,

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Are you okay?

Two days ago, I went to lunch in the New York University dining hall with a few of my classmates. After they left I stayed to work on a few assignments. The struggle was very real.


There was a girl who was walking behind our group earlier. She moved from her seat behind us (now me) to the booth next to mine. She carried with her a plate of French fries with mayonnaise along the side and a backpack holding her laptop. I continued my work as I myself scattered my belongings on the booth table. I had my camera, laptop, and 3 plates of wonderful food. After a brief moment of much needed silence, I heard chomp. Chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp. Slurp. Chomp, smack, gulp. OH MY GOSH. I looked up to see this same girl engulfing her french fries like she has never consumed a morsel of food in her life. I could not believe my eyes. I tried to focus on my work and could not help but to be interrupted by this never-ending sound, chomp.

She finally released her seat, leaving her backpack but grasping the now empty plates in her hand. I became the epitome of happiness as I watched her walk away, thinking she was about to leave. Oh how wrong I was. I simply got used to the peaceful sounds of nothing. I was able to work without interruption for about five minutes. I wondered where she went because she left her backpack sitting in the chair without worry.


She returned professionally balancing three enormous plates of food. I waited for someone to sit with her. They never came. One plate was packed with what looked like 6 pieces of full-sized grilled chicken. On the second plate housed at least 3 handfuls of French fries with a separate mini-plate for mayonnaise. The third encompassed several waffles stacked on top of each other with ice cream dripping down the sides. She submerged her face into these plates.

After she left the third time, I sat curiously wondering if she would return with additional food because she once again left her backpack sitting on the booth. She returned carrying two more plates filled with fries and goodies from the dessert bar. At this point I was becoming concerned and contemplated asking if she was okay. Instead, I figured she was just really hungry.

Much Love (to her at least),

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Lol for Avenue Q

Avenue Q

New World Stages, Stage 3

340 West 50th Street, NYC

Wednesday, June 4, 2014 8:00 PM



Back in Georgia, I examined the calendar and glanced over Avenue Q on June 4, 2014. I did not have a clue what it could be, where it was, or why we were going there. I figured our professors had things under control and chose interesting and engaging activities for us to participate in. My failure to conduct a brief research on our adventures allows me to be surprised each and every day. I enjoy sudden changes in the schedule and the novelty of a fresh journey.

We began our day at the American Museum of Natural History which I loved because it was the same museum used in the “Night at the Museum” movie series. I was able to recognize numerous scenes and exhibits in relation to the movie. I saw Rapa Nui (Easter Island) Moai Cast in the Margeret Mead Hall of Pacific Peoples exhibit. I also saw the Capuchin monkey in the Hall of Primates. My favorite was the Tyrannosaurus Rex in the hall of Saurischian Dinosaurs.

During this adventure, we discussed our future plans for the evening. When the name “Avenue Q” came up, I remembered seeing the name on our calendar but could not recall what it was. Alonda conducted a quick look-up and discovered a YouTube clip of the musical. They were singing “everybody is a little bit racist”. WHAT TYPE OF SHOW WERE WE GOING TO TONIGHT? I failed to ask this question and ventured once again into the unknown. I was exceedingly unprepared for the results.

I walked into the room of my first Broadway show, closely examining the stage and already expecting a terrible performance. I found out about the puppets and once again shook my head in disbelief, wondering why our professors would put us through this agony. The night before (Joe’s Pub) made me a bit skeptical. The show started and to my surprise, within the first few minutes I was falling out of my chair with laughter. I will not go into intricate detail, but these people were HILARIOUS. The show unquestionably exceeded my expectations.

Much Love,

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