The last Postcript…

My body is in Columbus now, but it seems that some of my minds are still remaining in New York City. I’ve got enough rest and got back to my dorm yesterday. Now, it is time to gather my floating thoughts arranging my memories in NY.

At the beginning of the trip, I became depressed when I was having my own difficulties. Moreover, my one-disabled arm was not helpful in the situation at all.

But fortunately, I met nice roommates, nice professors and nice friends. This helped me a lot, lowering my worries and psychological burdens.

Looking around amazing museums, dancing with the rhythms of Harlem Shake, watching funny dancing movements of friends, taking lots of photos of landscapes and people in New York, classes in the park, attending various events… Every experience remained to me as a beautiful and unforgettable memory.

Sometimes I caused troubles, bringing worries to professors and classmates. However, professors had never scolded me, listened to my clumsy explanations, taught me different things, wrote encouraging commentaries on my blog post.

Writing blog-post was one of the most challenging works to me while I was in New York. I remember that I became so worried when I heard that the blog post would be opened to everyone. However, thanks to this openness, I could see how people can think differently and write differently even though we shared same experience. I was surprised to see Lindsay’s honest thoughts and creative sentences. Nathan’s witty post and interesting story always made smile. Professor’s post demands high level of contemplations and brings inspiration, enabling us to broaden our perspectives.

Come to think of it, I’m never used to writing about my personal matters. I stopped writing about myself after I stopped writing diary when I was in middle school. But while in New York, I could write about whatever I want. This freedom of write gave me difficulty at first time because I was habituated to write papers and essays according to the given subjects. Even though this post is also relevant to the grade, this blog posting is completely new to me.

Then why did I stop write about me and my experience?  Not only me but most people seems to write less and less because we tend to spend more time to the media such as facebook or twitter which makes us easy to forget about writing ‘real’ stories or reading books.

I also became thinking about Arts education in South Korea through this program. I remember that teachers in high school sneakily (because it was illegal) erased music, art and physical education classes out of schedule and taught math and English instead. Music and art grade didn’t reflect in Korean SAT so we studied other subjects in art classes. This was ridiculous, but we didn’t even know that this was wrong.  I realize how art makes people’s life affluent and how sad my high school years were. Through the arts program in New York, I could feel, see and hear every aspect of arts and literature. Arts education must not be underestimated at all!

Saying good-bye is always sad and aching experience. 3 weeks in NY taught me so much things more than academic achievements. I thank you for everything and also be grateful to my parents who supported me to have this opportunity.

My arm gets much better than 3 weeks ago showing the passage of time. Soon, I expect it to be completely healed..

However, I believe that this memory in my mind will last forever. I’ll miss everything so much!


IMG_0004 IMG_2928

The first & last photo that I took in NY


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  1. I’m glad that you re-discovered how rewarding different types of writing can be, Kee Young. Maybe you should start your own blog and keep us up-to-date on life back in Korea? 🙂

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