Memory of literary tour

I had attended literary tour as the last tour before leaving New York. The day was raining and quite chilly. This time, Professor George specially guided us to the past tracks of writers stayed in New York.

First, It was surprising that so many important writers had lived very close to our residence and I didn’t even notice it for almost 3 weeks. Just within 30 minutes we started to walk circling around the Washington Square Park, we encountered several significant writers’ temporary place of residence. We did not need to take public transportation for the whole tour. I realized again that we had lived in a historical place.. and I became more grateful for that.

I was so glad to hear many famous writers whom professor mentioned during the tour. Some of the writers wrote the story that I’d like to read during the childhood. Some of the writers were whom I haven’t heard or could not remember. Professor kindly explained every places and writers and cited some of their works. The tour reminds me of the movie ‘midnight in Paris’; It was a journey following the traces of historical writers and their works. Every time we went to the different places and heard explanations, I could imagine the writers walking around the road, drinking bears in the pub and designing their stories in their home…. The tour was the grand finale marking the end of the literature class in New York.

IMG_2854 IMG_2893

At the lunchtime, professor treated lunch to us at the pub where Dylan Thomas used to make a visit. Inside the pub, there was a portrait of Dylan and a small sign giving short information of Dylan. Even if I was sorry that professor couldn’t fully enjoy the food, the lunchtime with Lindsay, Nathan and professor was so valuable and special. We had fun having conversation, talking about our pets, laughing and taking photos. Professor talked to us without difficulty, making a comfortable atmosphere. I’ve never had a free, close conversation with professors before, so it meant a lot to me.  Nathan and Lindsay also cheerfully made conversations. I was so grateful for that, feeling warm-hearted. I can still remember the feelings that I’ve got from the little journey, conversations that we shared and the sunshine which came through the window of the pub that day.






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2 responses to “Memory of literary tour

  1. Kee Young, your posts really get to the heart of our experiences. While it was certainly significant to understand the history of American literature in our little neighborhood, it was most fun to walk around and enjoy conversation with y’all. So glad we did that on our last day!

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