Cinderella, ballet; artistic sublimation

The tale of Cinderella pervades almost every culture. Cinderella we’ve watched on Tuesdays was in ballet version. It was my first time ever seeing ballet in my life.

The plot was slightly different from which I’ve already known from the Disney version. However, everyone knows basic plots of Cinderella story. I could easily follow the flow on stage. Happy ending story and lovely dance scenes of Cinderella and Prince were very sweet and heart-warming. The most splendid scene was when Cinderella transformed into a beautiful princess. With the appearance of fancy carriage, horses and servants, the act 2 drops the curtain.



Unlike other ballet performances, comic elements are noticeable in the ballet Cinderella, thanks to the stepsisters’ brilliant exploit. “The stepfamily’s lighthearted acting and outrageous costumes kept the ballet fun and fast-paced. Purposeful ungainly movements in heavy costumes and comical acts made the audience bear no resentment toward the characters; the stepsisters are not portrayed as evil, but as clowns who don’t know any better.” (


Ballerinas’ dancing movements on their tip toes were beautiful, elegant and delicate. Their graceful movements brought much resemblance to the little mermaid. The little mermaid dances beautifully after becoming human. However, anytime she takes a step, the legs will feel like they are being pierced by a sword. The dancing is accompanied by the constant paid of swords jutting into her legs. She would be able to dance better than any dancer, in order to show her feelings of love for the prince but it would hurt like hell

To me, every ballerinas dancing on stage looked like pitiful mermaid leaving behind all the pains and sufferings. It brought somewhat sympathetic sense of pity while watching the ballet. How much times they had to change their pointe-shoes, how much they had suffered to be able to dance like that! For me, I cannot stand on tip of my toes no more than few seconds.  Numerous turns, jumps and all the pointe-movements must be the fruits of thousands hours of practicing. They must have endured the pain out of an obsession with perfection and to move many hearts of audiences. Truly amazing and sacrificial acts of art!




   ( Rusalochka, (the little mermaid), USSR&Bulgaria, 1976)

In the film, the mermaid gets two legs from witch in exchange of hair color instead of voice



Actual feet of world-famous ballerina

This photo shows how much pain they’ve endured to make perfection

After the ballet, I googled ballet, ballerina and their life out of curiosity. A life of ballerina is quite hard and sacrificing. They could hardly have a social life, a danger of injury is always near them. Favoritism and jealousies are everywhere. Economic earnings is also never enough. Only passion for dancing can let them keep dancing. Mental struggles and fierce competition in ballet society are vividly described in the well-known movie “Black Swan” starred by Natalie Portman.


(Black Swan, 2010)

 It was truly wonderful night with beautiful music and dance, I will never forget this invaluable experience. This experience made me fall into the world of ballet.

Today, I watched the most representative ballet “Swan Lake” through the Youtube. This was the first time that I’ve watched this masterpiece from start to the end. Through the Youtube, we could see some of the most famous ballet performances in full version, thankfully. Next ballet that I’ll watch later is The Nutcracker, second world famous ballet.




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  1. Lovely post, Kee Young! I like the way you are making connections here.

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