Attending church service on Sunday

I originally have catholic religion. But recently, I attended various church services, and every service I attended had different characteristics.

Yesterday morning, I went to the church with Lindsay, Professor George and a friend of professor (I’m sorry for not specifying the name on here..).The weather was great, and the location of church was so close from our dorm, gladly. It was a service for kids. We sang the hymns, heard a sermon. It was so interesting because kids were showing their talents during the service. Every time their small performance ended, people gave a big applause for the kids. It was especially moving, since their sound of music was so innocent and unaffected though they made small mistakes. I could see that parents are really paying attention to their children’s specialties and trying to develop their musical, cultural refinements. I feel so sad when seeing parents disregarding their children’s genuine values.  I think that every kids’ talents are so special and have to be appreciated properly.

Kid’s small performance in the service reminded me of my parents. My mother used to ‘force’ me to go to the piano academy when I was a kid and I always grunted for that, because piano teacher was so strict and I was scared of that. After all, I become adjusted to play the piano, then my mother sent me to the priest and the organ instructor, and I played the organ in the Catholic church for a long period of time. Never yielding for that, my mom let me sing a soliste part in the church chorus in the special occasions. Back then, I was lazy, grumbling kid who didn’t want to go to church on weekend. I always complained to my mom. And now, I’m so regretting about my immature behavior and grateful to my parents for letting me sing a song and play the musical instrument in front of public.

Back to the point, after the kid’s cute play, I heard a preach. As noticed before, it was about southern writers. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get to his preach perfectly, but he complimented southern writers’ significant works recorded in American literature history arranging the names of many important southern writers without breathing space. It was impressive because the preach wasn’t only about the god, but about cultural, literary theme.

I heard that there are many kinds among protestant church, and I wondered what branch does this church belong to. However, that’s not important at all. It only matters if we live a good life in a good way… In fact, religious subjects are so immense and controversial that I do not dare to mention about …




Thank you to professor for having me wonderful experience at church.


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  1. It was a lovely service–so glad that you and Lindsay attended! I like your statement about living the good life–that’s how I felt after leaving the service, too.

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