Free day

Free day

 Last week, we had two free days, Thursday and Saturday. Think back what I did those days, I did nothing particular. I tried to do homework, but I couldn’t concentrate that much somehow. Everyday should be valuable in New York, because there are so many places to explore. But taking a break and meeting old friends were valuable experience as well.
 On friday night, I met my friend, who used to live next door(neighborhood) back in Korea. We are in the same university band. Since he is staying in New York until June, I gladly met him. At first I thought that it would feel completely different when meeting him in different place. However when I  really met him, everything felt familiar and I became comfortable with it. We went to the pub located near my dorm. We drank bears, walked around Washington Park, and then separated. He was studying in California while I was in Georgia. We talked about our past experience in America and talked about future plans, such as “What are you going to do after going back to Korea” stuffs. It was good to meet hometown friend, and it reminded me of my other club members and friends too.
 The next day, I went to the Time Square in New York with another friend. While we walking through the street, many people disguised as famous characters such as Spiderman, Batman and superman were waving at us and offered us to take photos with. Half naked women are promoting some products.  It was an interesting scenery. Streets were full of tourists. I heard that new yorkers don’t like to go to the time square because it’s too crowded with tourists and there’s nothing particular for them.
 We went to the disney store after walking awhile. It was heaven for kids. Not only kids but also a lot of adults were fascinated by disney products. No wonder Disney is one of the successful business all over the world.
 And then we watched a movie called “The Fault in our Stars”. It is the film based on the novel by author John Green. Since my friend is a fan of John Green, we decided to see the movie. The movie is about sixteen-year-old cancer patient named Hazel meeting and falling in love with seventeen-year-old August Waters, an ex-basketball player and amputee. It describes suffering of sick children and their family, and their aching love story. I could hear people cry so hard in the theater during the scene of the boy’s funeral. My friend said that the novel is much better than movie version, and I should see the novel first. Of course,  generally, original is better than later-created version, I replied. I personally believe that movie cannot externalize every single words and meanings that novel implies.
 Eye-shopping, lunch and movie. Last Saturday was like an ordinary day as before, but I saw wonderful electronic displays and unusual scenes on the street, marking another day in NY at the Time Square.

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