Are you okay?

Two days ago, I went to lunch in the New York University dining hall with a few of my classmates. After they left I stayed to work on a few assignments. The struggle was very real.


There was a girl who was walking behind our group earlier. She moved from her seat behind us (now me) to the booth next to mine. She carried with her a plate of French fries with mayonnaise along the side and a backpack holding her laptop. I continued my work as I myself scattered my belongings on the booth table. I had my camera, laptop, and 3 plates of wonderful food. After a brief moment of much needed silence, I heard chomp. Chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp. Slurp. Chomp, smack, gulp. OH MY GOSH. I looked up to see this same girl engulfing her french fries like she has never consumed a morsel of food in her life. I could not believe my eyes. I tried to focus on my work and could not help but to be interrupted by this never-ending sound, chomp.

She finally released her seat, leaving her backpack but grasping the now empty plates in her hand. I became the epitome of happiness as I watched her walk away, thinking she was about to leave. Oh how wrong I was. I simply got used to the peaceful sounds of nothing. I was able to work without interruption for about five minutes. I wondered where she went because she left her backpack sitting in the chair without worry.


She returned professionally balancing three enormous plates of food. I waited for someone to sit with her. They never came. One plate was packed with what looked like 6 pieces of full-sized grilled chicken. On the second plate housed at least 3 handfuls of French fries with a separate mini-plate for mayonnaise. The third encompassed several waffles stacked on top of each other with ice cream dripping down the sides. She submerged her face into these plates.

After she left the third time, I sat curiously wondering if she would return with additional food because she once again left her backpack sitting on the booth. She returned carrying two more plates filled with fries and goodies from the dessert bar. At this point I was becoming concerned and contemplated asking if she was okay. Instead, I figured she was just really hungry.

Much Love (to her at least),


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  1. I like your observations of people, Nathan, as well as places. Great photos, always!

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