Arts in Everywhere

Here in New York, I can see, feel and hear arts from everywhere, every day. Everything is so close together in this city, and art has no exception. We’ve been to many galleries, which are only few subway stations away. Graffitis and paintings are easily caught here and there. Musicians are everywhere; in the park, in the street, wherever people congregate. No wonder many writers gathered in New York and found prolific resources to write about.

Among many places, the Washington Square Park is the place that I like best, located right in front of our dorm. Within 1 minutes walks from my dorm, I can see various events such as concerts and performances whenever I want.

On Saturday night, when sauntering about the Washington Square Park, I saw a bunch of musicians displaying their talents to the public. When I stepped into the entrance, a man was playing the piano.  On the other side of the park, a group of young boys were dancing along with hip-hop music. In the center, three guitar players were making beautiful harmonies of their sounds. I settled my spot in front of a piano player. I sat on the bench and started to listen to his music. He was playing well-known pieces of Debussy, Chopin, Beethoven, which are my favorites.


Yesterday, I realized that this Washington Square Park was featured in the film “August Rush” many times. August Rush is one of my favorite movie when I used to watch. That was why I felt so familiar with the arc in the park earlier. The movie August Rush is about a story of a music prodigy. This little boy named August grown as an orphan has incredible talents for music. By the connection through the power of music, he could find his long lost parents.


The Washington Square Park plays significant role for this movie. Apart from the park, many different places in New York are shown in the movie. Several places were the spots that I’ve already been. Streets, park, subway, hotels and roads… we can see and feel every parts of New York City while watching August Rush.

Here is the opening line of August Rush with which I feel the same way nowadays.

“Listen. Can you hear it? The music. I can hear it everywhere.”



Apparently, this park  (the Washington Square Park) must be a true blessing for the local residents and NYU students. And I’m the blessed one too, encountering Arts in Everywhere, everyday.




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2 responses to “Arts in Everywhere

  1. F. Fussell

    Very nice…

  2. Great post, Kee Young! I love August Rush, too! I’d totally forgotten about that film, but your lovely post makes me want to watch it again.

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