The Good Life

You have NO idea how exited I am to be connected to New York Universities Wi-Fi right now. I opened my laptop to a frozen screen. I repeatedly clicked the red X in hope of my computer working again. Suddenly everything closed and I looked to see my computer connected to the Wi-Fi. I have never been so happy. (For some reason I am writing this in a Russian accent. Thanks Cami).

I cannot believe I am here in New York City right now. I am sitting here in the New York University dorms on my laptop and have already experienced more in 7 days than possibly New Yorkers. I guess we are New York University students. We have an ID? Haha. At the same time, we cease to have access to their wonderful computer labs. May 26 was exceptionally full of activities and I had already felt as if I was in New York City for several days. One of the things which amazes me the most is my vision of New York compared to the actuality of what this bustling city really is. Although some of what I envisioned the big apple to be is accurate, my imagination left out quite a lot of important and intricate detail.

It is nice to have your own room. Although I am a social person, I enjoy peace and quiet occasionally. Jeremy and I are lucky to have been placed in rooms so comfortable. We both have two closets, beds, dressers, desks, and chairs. I tried to make my living area seem homie. I guess it meant spreading out my clothes, photography equipment, and souvenirs all around the room.

Hmm. Some of my favorite experiences so far include:
– The class atmosphere
– Empire State Building
– The Met
– The Moma
– Italian Food
– Central Park
– Boat Rides

Many of my classmates and newfound friends have already bonded and together shared numerous exciting experiences.

Brittany, Jeremy, and I developed a group who traveled flawlessly though Central Park. We enjoyed a pleasant afternoon of learning photography together both technically and creatively.

Alonda and I have shared several selfies, bonding in the parking lot before departing for our flight in Atlanta.

Jenna is now James, an inside joke between a few of us. JAMES (high pitchy voice). She also has cool earrings.

Keeyong and I have the same camera. Yes. That immediately makes us besties forever. PLUS, we went to see some fabulous jazz together at the Blue Note. Excuse the lady.

Lindsay also accompanied Keeyong, Jeremy, and I in the Blue Note. She experienced a sound no man or woman deserves to hear twice. We both have an exclusive back condition. Cami does too.

Cami and I enjoy many humorous moments. OooO! YooHoo. I’m coming tru, YooHoo.

I enjoyed making probably a hundred photographs of Marina enjoying her moment in the spotlight with a snake.

Christina needs to get her head in the game before we go a WHOLE NUTHA WEEK without some memories. She has a cool and unique style though.

I would love some feedback on my photographs Rylan. You’re killing me. It means a lot when you like my photo on the Book Face. DANG IT. You have got me calling it that now.

Courtney is just too cool. Like, we need to hang out some more! Goodwill? Thrift store? This week? Yea?

Anyways, until next time.

Much Love,


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