First week in NY

Time flies. It’s been 5 days since I arrived in New York. The place we’re staying is almost perfect to go around New York city. New York University dormitory is located in the center of New York City. I only stayed in Columbus GA before going to New York in America. Columbus and New York was so different. I cannot say which place is better. But obviously, unlike in Columbus, I could go anywhere with subway in New York. And New York, is so crowded with people and dogs.

From Monday to Friday, I’ve been to many different museums and famous spots in New York. The first place I wanted to go was the top of the Empire State Building which represents New York city with the Statue of Liberty. We cannot imagine New York without recalling Empire State Building. Many movies and songs admires this building, bringing fantasies to many people. My father went to the building 30 years ago. Even though the building was built so long time ago, the meaning  and symbolism which the building possesses is still undiminished, hardened by its history. On the top of the building, I could see the whole view of New York. I also want to see the night view as well sometime later.

I’ve been to 4 different museums and each places gave me different inspirations. In the Guggenheim museum, I could see lot of artistic works of Italian Futurism. Not being satisfied to describe past and present, many artists headed by Italians started to seek and observe future area.  Through their works, I could see how artists in early 20th anticipated their next generation and struggled to create new worlds of art. New attempts are reflected in their paintings, pictures and music. Surprisingly, the future they struggled to expect was partially became realized in our current lives.

The Met(Metropolitan Museum) was the biggest museum that I’ve ever been. The scale of museum was amazing as its name shows. In Met, each different section classified as age and region showed different beauty of arts. I cannot tell which section is the most beautiful. I realized that every culture has its own beauty and every part of these has to be equally appreciated. I learned how preservation and appreciation of past tradition  is important even though the world is becoming globalized and uniformed.

In Moma(Modern art museum), every art works around the world in modern period were being exhibited. From Vincent van Gogh to Monet, I could see every famous masterpieces that I’ve only seen in the textbook when I was in middle and high school. I took a lot of photos of these works.





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  1. I like your thoughts on the Italian Futurists here, Kee Young 🙂

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