Trashy Nights


I realized after being here for a few days, there are not any alley ways. This creates a problem when sanitation is involved. Not having alleys with dumpsters leaves trash to be left on the streets. 

Every evening as night creeps closer, the garbage piles began to form on the side walks. The piles grow as the evening becomes night. The interesting thing I have noticed is that a large majority of the city recycles. Although there is a bunch of waste, I think people are aware of their environment and try to be as green as possible. The NYU cafeteria has composite bins, and even many restaurants I have been to have recycling opportunities. All trash is disposed of as environmentally friendly as possible.

Morning arises, I exit the building and the streets are new again. Most areas even hose down the sidewalk on a daily basis. New York is ready to start a new day fresh and clean. 


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