People of the Subway


I have never been one to commute via public transits. Back home, nothing is really in walking distance. I have to drive no matter the destination I am trying to reach. Also, there isn’t a subway nor a handy bus service. I have to say I don’t mind the availability of the MTA system here and the entertainment it can bring.

My favorite thing about the subway or the city in general is the great chance to people watch. I am always fascinated by the diverse personalities, ethnicity, and fashion choices provided by the residents or visitors of the city. For example, a very tall and buff man of an Asian decent entered the subway. I first thought he was a rock solid, tough man. As the voyage began he put in his headphones and began to play his music. I started to hear a sound that surely wasn’t coming from his music player. I looked around for who might be listening to a punk electronic pop beat I kept hearing. I continued to people watch when I saw him began to dance very funny-like to the preteen sounding beat lowly playing. He was bending at the knee and bobbing his head with a stern serious look on his face. It was a comedy show on the N Track. It was everything I could do not to burst into laughter. 

I never realized I enjoyed people watching until I got the opportunity to be around this vast population. I hope to be able to bring this new found hobby back with me to Georgia.




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