Not Natural


Everything in New York City was placed with intention. The buildings were mapped out and thought through clearly. The roads and subway system were all structured carefully on the grid. Even the trees and plants were put in a certain spot. Everything seems to have a feel of control to it.

I have always thought that nature is beautiful. There is nothing more breath taking then a gorgeous hike to the top of a mountain to gaze at the magnificent forest. The woods are all natural and free growing.

The way the parks are set up in the city almost make the plants lose their magic. All the greenery feels contained. It is a beautiful break from bustling streets, but it just isn’t the same as what I am accustomed to.

I love the public parks, and missing the woodsy feel I take what I can get. For now, the fenced in grass, flowers, and trees will have to do. I can’t wait to venture onto a trail when I return home.


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