New York Hosts Gay Pride Events


I was walking through Washington Square Park and noticed a rally or group gathering of some sort. Intrigued, I decided to walk through the middle observing their signs and finding out who they were. I got closer and saw what looked like to be a very tall woman with a lanky body figure. The closer I got, the more I began to see a five o’clock shadow on her face. I then realized the signs being help were exposing that the group was transgender citizens about to host a march for gay rights and transgender awareness. I had never witnessed anything like this before.

In Georgia or in the south in general, I think it is harder for a person to “come out.” Here there seemed to be a larger community of people as a support system. Also, this region is north of the bible belt. 

My sister is Lesbian, and living in Newnan, Ga, there isn’t a very large nor active gay community. There has never been a gay parade in my home town, and if there were the local churches would have a fit. I wish Newnan would host events so my sister would feel more confident in herself and less alone. I am very glad New York is more accepting of there gay community.


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