Channeling Classic Education

Today is/was our last day in New York and it is/was a free day. I have no idea what the others decided to do but I hope everyone had a nice day. For me, I got a special visit. My grandparents live in Maryland and they got up super this early to take a bus and come see me today! It was awesome! Finally, something more familiar and like hope in New York.

My grandpa took us out to lunch to this really famous restaurant called Sardi’s. It’s on 8th Avenue and 44th Street, number 244 or something like that. Anyway the whole place is really nice and the food was super good. The staff was really nice too. Because it’s famous, a lot of famous people have been there and so all around the walls on practically all the available space, there are caricatures of all these people.

My grandfather, who remembers coming to this restaurant as a kid was right down memory lane and having a blast. He was listing names and pointing out who people were. Anyways, I’m not the type of person who recognizes a celebrity when I know the name; not even ones that I should know. Like, I think my list of known celebrities consists of like, less than ten. So he was going on about “classical” education and why I should know these people. It was actually really funny and I just kind of smiled. My grandma made a comment to him that they had had over 40 years to learn these people and what they were famous for. I’m only 20 and while that’s not really an excuse, it’s the one I’m making here.

This whole conversation actually reminded me of a conversation the group had on the literature tour the other day. It was about Assigned Reading and how books that are assigned tend to get the automatic ‘dislike’ just because it was assigned. Unfortunately, like the famous discussion at lunch today, assigned reading usually includes the classics and so from my experience students don’t seek out more punishment by finding other classics. The conversation also talked about how students generally have to find the work on their own, which will probably happen when it’s more likely to be important or meaningful to them anyway. Overall, I thought it amusing how my grandfather could manage to sound like one of my professors while having a nice lunch. It was very entertaining.

So maybe my classical education hasn’t tuned in quite yet, but I’m having fun for now. And while I have found some really great books or art that I love when it’s assigned, I find it is usually more important to me when I stumble across it. It makes it more personal, because it’s like somehow the book or artwork knew when I’d need it. And maybe that’s weird, but that’s how it is.

Other than that, we had a wonderful time at the Discovery Museum where we saw the Terracotta Warriors from the Qin Dynasty and the Han Dynasty. That was cool. I highly recommend both it and the restaurant Sardi’s to everyone. J They’re easy to find too. You know, since the museum actually turned out to be right next door. ^_~

P.S. No picture yet, because we had no service, but there will be one later….hopefully 😀 


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