Staten Island


I hadn’t heard much about Staten Island before I got here other than from a friend who said that she’d gotten off a train there  that let her into an alley way. It didn’t quite seem like a place to visit, but I thought if there was really such a contrast between it and Manhattan, then maybe I should check it out. I also thought a visit to New York would best be completed by visiting all of the five boroughs, and I already had four down. I also was told that the Staten Island Ferry went right by the statue of liberty, which I had only seen from Manhattan thus far. So with plenty of reasons, I headed down to the south end of the island and made my way across the bay.

The site from the ferry alone was enough to justify the effort of going. The ferry didn’t actually go as close to liberty island as I had hoped, but I got the best view I had seen so far and it was free so I was satisfied.

Once we de-boarded the ferry, we realized we had no idea where to go. I didn’t even realize that Staten Island was bigger than Manhattan until we got there. We tried the train station, but decided not to wait twenty minutes for the train we just missed. I could see the Verazzano-Narrows Bridge in the distance so we walked that way, only to find a gas station and a road that apparently led to nothing. After another hour of walking, we hadn’t found much except some streets and a combination kfc taco bell. It was about time to take the next ferry back. 

Upon arriving to the ferry, again, we realized that the sun was setting and by the time we were moving back across the bay, it had just sunk beneath the horizon. It was kind of sad that the best part of our visit to Staten island was the ride there and back, but maybe it was because of our lack of time to explore. People tell me there isn’t much to see there so maybe not. I guess all I can say from this is that though lots of New York is filled with the arts, some parts are just another place to live and get a taco with a biscuit.


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