Queens is the new Lower East Side

So, not sure where to start. It’s amazing what can happen in three days with initiative and a support system. Rachel and I will both be staying. Last night we saw an add for a 3 bedroom apartment in Queens for 550$ a month. Everything included. Sharing the house with two graduate students, ( a doctor and teacher.) it’s less expensive than where we stay in Columbus. So we got in touch with the girl leaving, a St. Johns recent graduate.
We got lost on the way to see it today, and I was doubtful. Worried about how it would work out…but kept praying for favor. We got to the neighborhood and a wave of peace came over me. I didn’t realize how much I missed grass and trees… in non designated areas. The house was amazing. We walked in, and by the front door was a picture of Jesus. Crazy. I don’t really talk about my spirituality, but it plays a big role in my life, but should play a bigger one really. It was cool.
As you can tell from the pictures, the place is amazing. Really great neighborhood, birds chirping outside…the works. It looked a lot like London architecturally. Sure, the commute will be trying…but I’ve already done it from Alpharetta to downtown Atlanta and survived. It took two hours sometimes one way using MARTA. ( Which by the way is the absolute WORST transit system I’ve ever experienced.) All it means is that I’ll have to read more books to pass the time…and thats the best thing ever.





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