Looking Down


With everything to do in New York, I have found the little beauties in life can be easily unnoticed. Something I love most about Georgia is the beautiful sky. Day, night, cloudy, or sunny, there is something breath-taking about the enormous sky. In New York City I am so busy I never get a chance to just stop, breathe, and gaze at the passing clouds or a star filled night.

One of the things on our to-do list was to venture to the top of the Empire State Building. I didn’t expect anything spectacular. I just knew I didn’t want my ticket to go to waste.

After arriving to the top, the sun had just barely set and the sky looked just as beautiful as it does in Ga. No buildings  obstructing my view. It was amazing. I waited patiently for a spot to be able to peer over the edge. Every bit of what I saw was worth the wait.

The light from the buildings and the cars was incredible. I preferred looking at the city more than I did looking at the sky. I realized this was the unique beauty of the city. It wasn’t the time staring up, but it was the time spent living. The beauty was the interaction with new people and new experiences. It took me longing to look up to realize I needed to look around. Looking down, I wanted nothing more to be a part of the amazing streets below.


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