Brooklyn Bowl


On Saturday we went to see a couple bands, Los Campesinos and Yellow Ostrich, at the Brooklyn Bowl. During our visit I’ve been to Brooklyn, particularly Williamsburg, a few times. A few of us have decided that we might like it better than Manhattan, partly because of the cheaper drinks, but mostly because you can be a couple subway stops away from downtown without dealing with the hurriedness and crowds. The times that I’ve gone, the more familiar looking Brooklyn neighborhood seemed to be populated by quite a lot of kids our age, a lot of them showing characteristics of what most would call hipsters. But in my eyes, that’s a good thing because at least they probably share the same interests as me. Obviously the kids at the show had similar music tastes. 

Despite the name, I hadn’t really come to realize that the Brooklyn Bowl was in fact a bowling alley – bar – venue, but when I found out, it only made me more excited about the show and increased my opinion of Williamsburg. Upon arriving, I also noticed that the Brooklyn Brewery was right next door. It just kept getting better and better. When we arrived, though, we weren’t even sure if we’d be able to get tickets because one of us had heard they sold out, but luckily they weren’t and we headed in without a problem. After hanging out a few minutes and checking out the place – a stage on one end with a bar on the other and about 10 lanes and a standing floor in between – we decided to bowl while waiting for Los Campesinos to play. 

Renting a lane wasn’t cheap but we had four people playing to split up the bill, and it was well worth the money. As opposed to standing by the wall on the standing floor with no real place to sit, each lane was accompanied by a  couch with a table in front of it. The opening band started to play and the raised floor of the bowling lanes gave us a great view of the stage as well as the entire venue. We each quickly started to agree that this place might be our favorite venue ever. After one game, we made our way down to the front of the crowd and enjoyed the rest of the set. After a couple more visits to the area, it’s starting to look like that Williamsburg would be my place in New York should I ever want to spend a longer time (or live) here. It seems to be a place where I could have easy access to the arts that I enjoy while not straying to far from any of the art centers of the city.


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