Not-so-hidden Waterfall

This post is kind of all over the place, but I hope it is enjoyed anyway. Sometimes words just won’t come, you know?


While I’ve been here I had to read a book called February House which I did end up liking in the end, I think. However, to get motivation to get that far I went to the Strand and bought a book I’ve been meaning to read for a while. The book is called the power of one by Bryce Courtenay. I have seen the movie several times and it’s one of my all-time favorite movies. It has Morgan Freeman and in the past I would just say it’s about the apartheid in Africa. However, reading the book, it’s more than the apartheid even though that does play a major role in the novel. It’s about self, and hate, and friendship, and truth and I don’t think I could even summarize the book with my usual ease here.

The movie always made me cry and I have my favorite parts, some of which I waited for in the book and realized they were playing out differently. The movie adapts things in the book to make it more dramatic, not that the book isn’t. On the contrary, the book is extraordinary and I find that the way things play out in the book make much more sense than in the movie. The main character is Peekay who is an English boy and it is mostly a semi-autobiography about his experience in South Africa before, during, and after the World Wars.

The movie is moving but the book is phenomenal, but I’d like to focus on a scene that occurs in the book but not the movie. Something I never knew even happened. I won’t give details because that gives it away and it’s important, but basically, Peekay finds a cave in the hills of Africa one weekend while he’s home for the holidays with his dear friend, mentor, and teacher Doc. Doc calls this place the Crystal Cave of Africa and is obsessed with this place.

They had found a ledge and climbed through and found a cavern filled with natural formations that hadn’t been touched by any human hand in who knows how long. And I can’t do the description justice without taking from the book so I’m just going to suggest others read it, but I was in central park the other day and while I didn’t find any secret caves I did find something interesting.

It’s not secret, and truthfully, it’s just another pretty work of nature made by man to make the park beautiful, but the bright greens and the surrounding scenery, people excluded, make it seem magical to me. And while I doubt I’ll return to see it, it will stay with me and haunt me like the Doc’s Crystal Cave of Africa.

The two really aren’t related, but it’s the beauty and the meaning behind it that matters most. It’s a lovely patch of greenery with water like home in Georgia as opposed to the cave that would mean home for Doc and Peekay. I don’t really know how to make what I’m feeling make sense right now, but I just want to stare at this little place I found and not leave. Maybe reasoning and such don’t matter when it comes to natural beauty?


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by | June 27, 2012 · 4:42 pm

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