A Tale of Two Dogs


So it’s been pretty obvious that I’ve been feeling homesick over several of these posts. It’s normal when you’ve got strong connections with your family I think so I wasn’t surprised. The only surprise came, I think, when I realized it took me longer to get homesick in Mexico then it did here. My mom puts it down to the people and the free time. I won’t say what I think it is, but whatever. At any rate, Leslie, Patrick, Katie, and I all got dressed up to go try and see Phantom of the Opera the other night. It didn’t work.

So instead we wandered around and I was distracted by a Build-A-Bear store. I’ve mentioned several times that I have to be like, five years old right? So we went in and this store had two floors. I was going to be normal and make a bear, but on the second floor I found a black lab. If you’ve read “A Healthy Dose of Fear” you know I have a black lab back home and that I’ve been seriously missing my dog. So, as in the picture, I chose the lab and filled it with love and wishes. If you squeeze the paw it sings about Times Square and I bought an “I ❤ New York” t-shirt for him. 

We were walking around to get dinner afterwards and I just kept smiling and turning every few seconds and was like, “Hey guys!?…I have a dog!” And it made my night. Now I look at the other dogs around and I still think they’re cute and stuff but now I have my own mini version of Jack staying in my dorm room. I just have to go back and he’s happy to see me. So I’ve found a little bit of home in New York, finally.

Granted, the Jack back home is going to be really irritated about this loud interloper. Oops?


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