Going Sparkle


Poor little firefly…. ;~;

My mom and I have very random conversations; one of those conversations came back to me while I was sitting in the park with Leslie. My mom and I were driving down the interstate back home and for whatever reason we were talking about bugs. Like, when they get caught in your car or o your clothes and you don’t notice and you walk or drive miles away and they fall off or get blown away into completely new territory. She said it must be a lot like abandoning family. For instance, bugs have a relatively short lifespan and so if you take them away from whether they attached to you they will die without ever seeing their buggy families and homelands etc. It is a very sad thought.

And so today Leslie and I were in Washington Square Park just sitting in the grass and it was starting to get dark so all the fireflies were coming out. She saw people trying to catch them and we admired them very a very close distance and I tried to catch one while she looked up something on her phone. I think I may have done something terrible.

See, I caught the bug, but I’m not too sure if I caught it too hard or something because it was just dazed and not moving for a while and I was really worried that I had killed the firefly. I was like, “I really want it to fly away!” to Leslie. It was very traumatic. We were getting ready to leave and it had finally started walking around on my hand but it wasn’t going anywhere so I was still worried that I had hurt it. One of its antennae was all weird and stuff too. But we stood up and Leslie was laughing at me, “You’ve been imprisoned by a bug”! And I was….but I was so sad because it wouldn’t fly away!

But somehow while I was standing up it fell and we were both like, maybe it flew? But I have REALLY good eyesight and so I found it in the grass and Leslie was just like, “Let’s move this way…slowly…so we don’t step on it…” Which I guess was good, because I didn’t want to walk to far away and then release it in a random area of bushes away from where I caught it because then it would have no firefly friends or family!

So we walked away to go get change and we passed a different set of bushes. I felt really bad and turned to Leslie all “I feel horrible! Now it can’t go sparkle with all its friends”! She probably thinks I’m crazy, but I’m really hoping it flew away or something and wasn’t caught by a bird or another bug or something. I feel like a terrible person, but it was walking around ok so I feel like it will fly again…hopefully… ;~;


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  1. I’m sure it regained its sparkle family. Funny how a firefly can catch your attention in somewhere as bustling as Washington Square–the wonders of nature in the city or something cheesy like that 🙂

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