Homecoming at the Hudson

Homecoming at the Hudson

We laid in rows on the pier
touching hands to skin,
our childhood culminating,
rejecting our innocence.
The drunks and Jew joined in.

We jumped the railing and sat
on the edge wanting to swim
threat of tetanus shots pulled us back.
it smelled like fish and cigarettes,
shots of whiskey and burning trash.

This city does sleep, but in shifts:
Businessmen and tourists
then club rats and homeless.
Ours didn’t come till sunrise
caught steal on fire, like remembrance.

You left without riding the subway,
still holding on to promises,
waving through the turnstiles.
Uncertain of our faith
in finding our ways home.




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2 responses to “Homecoming at the Hudson

  1. Where’s your poem? I really enjoyed it and want to see it posted here!

  2. Yay! This is a beautiful poem that explores so many contrasting images: between night and day, childhood and adulthood, faith and “reality.” The photos complement it so well that I think you have to keep the poem and the photos together.

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