Surpassing Boundries


I have a wonderful friend back home in Georgia named Victoria. She almost came on this NY trip with CSU. She is in a wheel chair otherwise referred to as her Chariot or Autobot. Ever since I became very close friends with her, my eyes have been opened to the world around me. I am more conscience of how difficult it would be to have a disability, especially in the city. Most subway stops don’t have handicap access, and I have only seen two handicap accessible taxis out of the million zooming through the city.

I can’t even count the numerous times I have traveled up the steps or had to walk up a super steep hill (both of which are difficult or impossible for wheelchair bound people to do). Even going into our dining hall there is a flight of steps right after entering the front door. I can’t imagine the frustrations that Victoria would have come across coming here.

During the first week here, we went to MoMA. After being there for an hour or so I ran across this group pictured above. The tour guide was handicapped with an entire touring group of wheelchair bound people. It made me wonder what struggles they have come across being here.  The boundaries created by their disability had been surpassed, and through their strength and determination they were able to enjoy the Museum of Modern Art.


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  1. Nice reflection, Destiny! I think that disability transportation/access in this city is a very interesting issue, and I’m glad to hear you and the other students have been researching/taking note.

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