Because merry-go-rounds are full of dreams that were, are, and are yet to be.

Before mom and I moved in January, we lived in a house. Three bedroom, 1 ½ bath, etc. with one room as hers, one mine, and the other the office. But I’m not fooling myself. That room was totally mine. I would do everything in that room because that’s where the computer was. Homework, chilling, chatting, music, whatever, it didn’t matter. I basically lived in the room with random objects being dispersed around the house. It drove her crazy some days, but mostly she was cool about it.

Anyway. I had an office chair at the desk and it was able to spin. Now, just, keep in mind for a second, that I have ALWAYS had a spinny chair for that computer desk. Always. We lived in that house for ten years. So, from 10 years old to when we moved my favorite pastime was to spin in that chair with my music on as loud as I could get it via computer. Turn the light out, push off, and that chair spin to its death. More than once. I killed two chairs spinning in them and daydreaming to music. And having heart attacks when the door opened and my mom laughed at me.

At any rate, spinning is one of my favorite things to do, and watching the merry-go-round reminded me of how I really need to get a new office chair. Merry-go-rounds spin and have music, and they actually move. I can be riding a horse into the distance or traveling through time and space to do whatever I want to surrounded by miscellaneous animals on the carousel. I took a picture of the merry-go-round because like the lion, I didn’t get the chance to get on. Not because it would probably be considered illegal but because it was going to rain. I don’t care how magical the carousel seemed, I wasn’t not ride on a spinning metal lightning rod in the middle of a mini-park.

So, here is to dashed childlike hopes of riding lions and merry-go-rounds, and to reminders of Mary Poppins

When Mary holds your hand

You feel so grand

Your heart starts beatin’

Like a big brass band!

Oh come on. You are not about to tell me you don’t remember that scene in Mary Poppins. I mean seriously, the dancing penguins aren’t far behind! I wonder if I’d ridden the carousel if I would have seen magical dancing penguins…



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3 responses to “Merry-Go-Dream

  1. Brandy, you should know that *my* mom follows this blog, and she sent me an email today that said we should go back so you can climb the lion. Your audience wants you to do all the things you couldn’t 🙂

    • Aww! Tell her thanks and that she’s super sweet! We’ll have to plan to go back then. It’ll be an adventure! Then I can blog about my success so my audience can be happy as well! 🙂

  2. Bob Walters

    Brandy, it appears you are truly enjoying your trip but a little homesick, missing your mom, aren’t you? Reminds me of your dad’s first drumcorp trip, he was only sixteen. He would call home every day. Grandma and I love you and think of you often.

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