Lion at the Library


In the packet we received before this trip we were warned not to do anything illegal or anything that would otherwise result in getting ourselves or someone else arrested…but I was seriously tempted today. Now, I don’t know if the final result would have been illegal or anything, but I probably would have been yelled at by some sort of official. So I restrained myself.

We went to the New York Public Library today. It has these two really big lions out front…and I really REALLY wanted to climb on one and take a picture. I told Courtney that I wanted to try climbing one without getting arrested and she was just like “please don’t”. I was like…bummer. Because it would have been a really awesome shot, like, HEY! I’m on a Lion! But I was good, and I didn’t. I can’t even explain why I really wanted to do it.

Like, seeing the lion, I wanted to climb up and take a picture, I had a Narnia moment, a Lion King moment, etc. all at once in my head. That ONE Lion was all of that in my head. I can sit up there and take my picture with the most epic lion ever. Also, because it was a library, and I don’t know I this movie had them or not, but the movie The Page Master? I don’t know if any of y’all even know what I’m talking about but that’s ok. Once I got past the lion thing, I wanted to run around in the library and find a mural in the ceiling. The paint would melt and I’d run away and be taken to an imaginary world…Anyway.

And it was even about to rain as I left the library. Anyone who has seen that movie knows that it rains and he crashes and that’s why the kid is in there in the first place….of course I also had a Day After Tomorrow moment. Like, it’s going to rain and I’m going to die! I wanted to hide in the library but I didn’t. If the world had actually ended I would have been screwed because I was trapped on the subway.

It’s probably a good thing none of that happened, actually. Though I still kind of wish I had climbed the lion. And taken a picture. But this will have to do for now. Sheesh. My inner child is like, I just want to do it! Because I’m not supposed to! All the things I’m not allowed to do up here in order to avoid being yelled at…What a drag.


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  1. See my comment on the Merry-Go-Dream post. I’ll go back with you if you want 🙂

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