Local Backpacks


Last week we met a guy at Washington square park who, though he wasn’t from New York, was staying with a friend up here and seemed to know the area pretty well. At least he knew it better than any of us did. He’s about our age and seemed like a pretty cool guy too with some of the same interests as us. We had lunch with him at the dining hall and talked about film as it’s offered at NYU compared to other schools. He didn’t think much of NYU’s film school, comparing it to one of their student films in which the actor destroys real money for part of the film, which he said ended up not being worth watching. He also had a newspaper with a schedule of independent films to be shown nightly on a rooftop in Brooklyn, one of which I hope to see while I’m here.

Later on we met up with his friend and I noticed this backpack he had with a large multicolored smoke pattern printed on the back. I really liked it and didn’t recognize the company name near the bottom (which I can’t recall right now and can’t make out in the photo). He told me they’re made by this guy in town that he knows and showed me a couple little brochures that had a few different backpack designs in it. Some were better than others, but I thought it was cool that a guy in town made these backpacks, and if they weren’t $50 each I might’ve been interested in buying one. 

It always seems like once I’ve seen something one time, I start seeing it everywhere, or maybe I just start actually noticing it. I had never seen this backpack company before but a few nights later, while walking back to the dorm down 6th ave, I see this girl in front of me with a backpack on featuring one of the designs I saw in the brochure. Granted I only saw one person wearing the backpack, I thought it was pretty cool that a local company like that might catch on. In a city any smaller the chances probably \wouldn’t be so high for a backpack company to become remotely successful. It seems that with such large numbers of most demographics, popularizing most anything or just getting it “out there” shouldn’t be too hard in New York. This is great for artists or just art related companies, and is probably the reason why so many artists see New York as their city of opportunity.


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  1. csunyarts

    Steven, I like this post because you’re thinking about something as “art” that most folks wouldn’t typically think about as art. This shows the varied ways that people have of expressing themselves–and that something that can be bought can also be great art.

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