Gotham City Rollers

The sport of Roller Derby has seen a resurgence since 2004. It started back in the 1930’s as an endurance race. Teams of one man and woman would skate around the rink equidistance of the continental U.S. Wow, right? Commentators discovered the best part of the race was when people ran into each other. Thus, Roller Derby was born!
Gotham City is the number one team in the world. Players like Suzi Hotrod and Bonnie D. Stroyer come from Gotham, along with several of the members of the world cup team. Yes, Roller Derby has become a world wide sport, and there are talks of it becoming an Olympic sport as well.
So, on my birthday I got to see the Brooklyn Bombshells vs. the Manhattan Mayhem, and it was amazing. The game, called a “bout”, was sold out. Fans of derby come from all walks of life. Tattooed Vixens sat next to business men in suits. Old couples came and reveled in a sport of their past. ( Derby was huge in the 60’s and 70’s and bouts were televised.)
To be a derby girl takes athleticism and spunk, but the girls come in all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. Librarians, students, teachers, lawyers, strippers, tattoo artists, military women…I’ve met some of the most amazing people doing derby. Yes, there’s a team in Columbus, GA. CSU has quite a few students that have found a derby family. It’s addicting and empowering. The next generation of girls will have some stellar female role models in derby. Girls that kick ass and take names, and I’m so excited to have a small part in that world.




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