Park and Recreation

The grass in Central Park is softer than any back in Georgia, but the ground is cold. Heat doesn’t seem to get trapped like there, where the grass will be warm for a long time after the sun goes behind a cloud or sets. Everything is slow to change, temperature no exception.
There was a low hanging branch we wanted to climb, but were afraid. With good reason, because it is illegal to climb trees in Central Park. It is also unlawful to pick the flowers or swim I the lake. It’s dangerous at night and crowded during the day. After this trip it will be strange to be alone. Strange, but welcome.
Would want I climb a tree
Without fear of police
Nipping at my ankles
Park or prison cell
Nothing is free



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  1. Ashley, I really love the contrasting metaphors happening here–the warm grass and the cold earth, the tall tree and the inability to climb it, the crowded park and then the idea of being alone. Lovely photo, too!

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