A Healthy Dose of Fear


So I’ll preface this by mentioning that the picture was not taken in New York. It was taken by my mom and sent to me while she was getting ready to give my dog a bath. I’m using it because my post has to do with dogs and I utterly fail at taking pictures of pigeons. Not that I would want to. Birds and I have a long and negative history with each other. At any rate, this post isn’t about my hatred of birds—well, actually, it kind of is. Nevermind.

So I’m standing downstairs with Courtney and I can’t remember if we’re meeting for a group thing or just to get subway passes and chatting, but either way, we’re chatting it up downstairs. This guy walks by with this dog, what looks like some sort of cocker spaniel mix or maybe a purebred, since most of the dogs here appear to be such. Alas, even with my love of dogs I’m no expert. Anyway, he comes walking by and there’s this pigeon…on the ground by a tree….hopping along awkwardly, and I’ll be honest, I expected the dog to leave it alone. All the others do. But the dog makes my day and lunges for the bird. Bird takes off and Courtney and I laugh to ourselves and smile at the dog and owner. HE just shakes his head and mutters, “Every pigeon”. This makes us laugh again, me especially, because I’m suffering terribly from homesick puppy love.

My mom and I have a black lab at home, 132 pounds, and just a bundle of love and fluff. Seeing all the dogs around here makes me miss him and laugh because most of them he could probably swallow in one bite. At any rate, in January Mom and I moved into a new apartment that has a pond in the back…with ducks. These ducks, like the pigeons in New York, have no fear whatsoever of anything walking past them. They just look at you with this look that says…“Psh. I’m a bird” and they keep moving. They drive me nuts. So, every now and again, back home while I walk my dog, I take off after the ducks.

They have no sense of self-preservation, but if you run at them they tend to move out of the way. I don’t always do it, but every now and again I will. For those who ask, it’s because I’m trying to instill survival instincts into them; for those who know me, they know it’s just because I really hate birds.

So don’t be afraid! You would actually be helping the birds survive by randomly scaring them into heart failure. It teaches them to take off to not get eaten and or chased by something or someone. They’re probably more likely to survive if they’re more wary. Natural selection and all that. Or something. And honestly, if you’re having a really bad day, it just makes you feel better.



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2 responses to “A Healthy Dose of Fear

  1. I’m missing my baby dogs too, Brandy, and will probably have to post about it soon. That doggy gym up the street is perfect fodder for a blog post 🙂

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