Acrophobia & Stupid People


Back home we have 6Flags over Georgia in Atlanta. Sometime after Mom and I moved to Georgia we went and had fun in the amusement park. While we were there, we came across a ride called Acrophobia. This is one of those rides where you get on and it drags you up to an unholy height and then drops you back to the ground. Well I was little, I’d been on rollercoasters and water rides and this was new, but I tried it. Mostly because we waited in line for a hot minute before being able to ride it and to make a long story short it ended with me crying and screaming in terror and taking off like a bat out of hell once the nice army man saved me from the chair that wouldn’t let go. Anyway. Acrophobia, the ride, is how I learned that I suffer from Acrophobia, the fear of heights.

That being said, I am in New York and one of the most popular tourist attractions is still the Empire State Building and so I did the touristy thing and went up. I do not like heights. I did take pictures though and then booked back down to ground, but this post is about more than just conquering my fear of heights for all of 20 minutes. The line for this building is meant to be crazy long and so I went through security and passed some neat presentations and art work on my way up. I also got to go through this photo thing. This guy takes a picture of the group and then gives you a ticket. As you leave the top of the building, you can buy the photo on the way down if you so choose. For anyone who knows me, or my family, knows that I cannot stand stupid people. This picture is free to take, but if you want to keep it then you have to pay 20 bucks and go on your merry way. Which I did. However.

I’m leaving the building, grab my photo and head to the checkout counter to pay. There are two women at the counter and one of them is basically chewing the cashier out because she has to pay for the photo. I missed the beginning of this argument, but here is how I figure it went down:

Cashier Lady: Miss, you can pay here.

Lady 1: Pay? The man said it was free.

Cashier Lady: Who?

Lady 1: The man who took the photo.

Cashier Lady: I’m sorry it’s not free. It’s $20.

Lady 1: What?!? He said it was free. We asked if it cost anything and he said no. What are you going to do with the picture if I don’t buy it?

Cashier Lady: They recycle it.

And The two women just sort of looked at her. I can see why the conversation continued the way it did.

Lady 2: *pulls out 20*

Lady 1: No. If they’re just going to recycle it why can’t I have it?

Cashier Lady: Because you have to pay for it.

Lady 1: We already paid $50 just to get in here—

Cashier Lady: That’s a completely different company Ma’am. *turns to me to bag my photo*

Lady 1 & 2: *bicker*

Me: *give card to Lady and ay for photo*

Lady 2: *pushes a 50 bill forward*

Cashier Lady: *gives me card and photo, takes 50* 2?

Lady 2: Yes.

Lady 1: Ugh.

And I walk away, make eye contact with one dude in the hallway and mouth a silent “wow”, he grins, and continue on my way down to exit the building.

I swear customer service jobs just suck. It doesn’t matter what kind. People are just stupid. That ‘free’ picture isn’t free. It’s like those surprise photos when you get off a rollercoaster that you can buy or not. They don’t charge you to take a picture of your face looking retarded on the rollercoaster unless you want to take the picture home and show people. So thanks to the height, photo, and stupid people in the Empire State Building, I’ve decided that the Empire State Building = Amusement Park.



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5 responses to “Acrophobia & Stupid People

  1. I really like your last line, Brandy. It brings it full swing. I also think it’s notable that you are focusing on the experiences you have even more than the tourist sites. Can’t wait to read more!

    • Thanks! I like to comment more about actual experience because then it makes the trip mine. You know? Like, I could say I went to the Empire State Building and leave it at that, but everyone knows you go to the Empire State Building to look around. I think it gives the actual tourist site more personality to talk about the people and personalize it. IT’s part of what makes going to tourist sites fun.

  2. Delilah

    Funny! Sad that it describes most people who are breathing our air.

  3. Bob Walters

    Brandy, in my senior class, we had a midget. His nickname was Jabo. We were on the top of the Empire State Building and everyone was commenting about the size of the people, on the streets below. Jabo was 3 feet tall and unable to look over the wall. He was jumping up and down trying to see the people on the streets below. Finally, I picked him up and stood him on top of the wall. The guard finally saw what I was doing. I don;t know if he thought, I was throwing him over the wall or what. But, he started sceaming, “put him down, put him down”. After explaining to the guard, what I was trying to do, he laughed and got Jabo an 3 foot stool, so he could see over the wall. I think about this incident and still get a smile, after over 50 years.

  4. Bob Walters

    This just dawned on me. Who would have ever thought, 50 years later, my granddaughter would follow in my footsteps, on top of the Empire State Building.

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