Piano in the Park


I could read the tattoos on his hands as he played. If he didn’t have a piano in front of him playing, I wouldn’t have believed he was so amazing. Goes to show there’s not to judge a book by it’s ripped jeans and snarky New York disposition.

Talent is in every corner of this city. This particular man in Washington Square Park amazed me. It was obvious by his musical selection that he was classically trained , (or at least had an affinity for Bach and Mozart.) he could have easily played in an orchestral setting, but instead played in the park for change. Who knows, maybe he does both. He played a song by Yann Tierson, and I swooned. someone screamed for him to play Coldplay, and when he asked for other requests,



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2 responses to “Piano in the Park

  1. Ashley, write more! Can we get a post about NYC Roller Derby, please? 🙂

  2. Did he play Coldplay? Did he take other requests? I saw him last weekend, and he was pretty amazing. What was more amazing: his music was combined with a group of older women doing yoga-dance to disco. A rare and strange treat. Good post, Ashley.

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