When in Doubt, Climb a Rock


So Patrick and Leslie wanted to go to Central Park today and texted me to see if I wanted to go. I did. So I went. We met up at Union Square, hopped on train 5 and booked it to Central Park. We enjoyed sitting on oversized rocks, bridges, etc and taking pictures of the scenery and each other. We also got prices so we can go on a carriage ride at a later date. W00t. Anyway, as we arrived at Central Park we noticed an abundance of cops but just went through and did our thing. When we decided we were hungry is when things got interesting.

So we’re heading out of Central Park and we noticed news crews and large groups of people hanging around outside at the roads which were blocked off by gates and police. So we walk up, Leslie is like, the cop is cute!, and we find out what’s going on. Leslie remembered that there was supposed to be a gala or something tonight that the President was supposed to be at and the cop confirmed that supposedly the President was going to pass by.

Patrick and Leslie were super excited and I was cold. It was cold, okay?! Anyway, so we waited around getting hyped up and everything. We saw SWAT and Secret Service people who aren’t very secretive—that will be a different blog post, and we saw random police and the helicopter flying around. It was really cool. We also saw a bunch of stupid people. Like, seriously guys? The whole place is blocked off with mass groups of people not being able to go anywhere. Whether you live somewhere over there, ride a bike, drive a car, whatever you aren’t going to cross the street. So sorry. Even walking up through the middle of the street between stuff won’t help. You will get turned around. OR a smartass cop telling you that you can go anyway you like there is no way possible to end up where you want to go. Man that lady was mad at him.

ANYWAYS. So finally these motorcycle cops and cars start going nuts and this lady points out the flags on a car coming and I point, and Leslie sees it, and we’re all like ohmygosh this is so cool! And it was. We got to see him drive by in all his awesomeness with a million cops standing around, probably super realized the President wasn’t assassinated on their watch. Leslie was mad because her camera failed her but Patrick got the whole thing on video so that will be on facebook pretty soon. Pretty cool. I won’t be forgetting this anytime soon. And this all happened due to convenient timing. Because I like to climb rocks. xD

And that picture is totally his car. It was moving so sorry it’s not clear. >_>


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  1. I think this post relays what kind of excitement you can find in this city–just by chance. One minute you’re at the park snapping pictures of rocks and bridges, the next you’re waving to Barack Obama. Pretty excellent.

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