The New York Experience

I have always wanted to travel and have always enjoyed travelling. That being said, being on my second trip to New York City I have had a different kind of experience. I have sincerely enjoyed the first time experiences I’ve watched others have. I enjoy showing them things they have not seen yet. Since I quickly figured out during my last trip how to get around, I intend to share that with my group so that they can do the things they wish to do while here. They’re still a little intimidated by the subway system but we’ve only used it twice each way. They will pick it up quickly, I am sure. Even poor Brandi who is suffering foot pain is a trooper and has learned to watch street signs and navigate her way around so that if she falls behind, she can make it. I am trying to make their experience all it can be by helping them to do what they want to do in our free time. That in itself is enough for me because in helping them find their destinations, I am seeing things I did not see the last time. This makes my own experience all the more. I have my list of things I wish to do and we are trying to coordinate our time so we all get to do those things that are most important to us. Tomorrow, we go to the Museum of Modern Art and tomorrow evening we have one of the shows we’re seeing, The February House. Busy day, but it will be fun. 🙂


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  1. Thanks for posting, Leslie! I like the idea of seeing new things through others’ eyes–reminds me that we all need to step out of our perspectives from time to time to get a fresh perspective 🙂

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