Another Man Unnoticed

I walk looking at the ground avoiding eye contact with strangers. I am a naturally happy person that loves to meet new people, but in this large city it is a little overwhelming to feel welcome. So many people all living their own lives. Each person living their own stories. Everyone in a different chapter of their own book. Here I am…. On the sidewalk… Avoiding that awkward moment when we notice each other, the stranger and I. Bypassing the brief time period we might intrude on each others lives.

I walk unnoticed and enjoying my own thoughts. I walk taking in my personal first experience of the city. I walk looking down. 

Suddenly, without intention I stumble upon another person unnoticed. He blends into the ground like the spit-out, stepped on gum all over the side walk.

He invades my thoughts. Was he meant to be seen? What artist placed him there? Would I have noticed him if I had the courage to step into the mind of others with an occasional eye contact? At this moment, I am glad he entered my world. I noticed him. He was placed there for people like me to see, people not distracted by the huge, busy city. Us both existing in the same place unnoticed.




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  1. This is great, Destiny! I think your last paragraph is particularly powerful, and you’ve captured something I feel in this city, too: the idea of being connected but still being somehow individual. Great work!

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